Why your company should adopt a Customer Relationship Management system

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The CRM system is an indispensable tool for managing business workflows. Why? Thanks to an effective Customer Relationship Management system, you can carefully monitor your customer database, strategically managing sales and marketing actions.

A CRM solution allows you to effectively deal with important commercial actions related both to the management of prospects and customers, and to the entire sales pipeline. Thanks to your CRM you can: have an immediate overview of the status of each activity; monitor the evolution of the tasks associated with the members of your team; set individual and team goals; obtain an exact profile of the actions and orders linked to each customer; automatically generate commercial offers and invoices; extract advanced analysis and reporting; get an estimate of the potential revenue over a period, and much more.

But that is not all. The sales actions, which also allow you to set specific upselling and cross selling strategies to increase the business, are accompanied by marketing actions.

The Marketing area of ​​your company will be able to detect and qualify the leads acquired through various marketing campaigns and touchpoints thanks to your Customer Relationship Management system. Lead acquisition strategies add to lead nurturing strategies, which nurture leads relationships by delivering a personalized offer, consolidating the relationship with prospects in the sales cycle, and building customer loyalty. Strategic actions include creating email marketing campaigns and audience segmentation based on specific attributes. Your CRM will also make it easier to monitor your competitors’ online activities, allowing for constant updating and immediate competition control.

What companies decide to adopt a CRM?

The trend of companies adopting the CRM solution is growing, based on the data collected by the CRM 2020 Observatory, which has been monitoring the spread of CRM systems in Italy for six years. The survey, in which 420 companies of various profiles took part, brought interesting data to the attention.  For 65% of participating companies, CRM is a consolidated process or priority area under development. Furthermore, it is increasingly evident that the Customer Relationship Management System is confirmed as a consolidated and mature technology (82% of the interviewees have already equipped themselves with a CRM system or are in the implementation phase).

Why should every business adopt a customer relationship management system?

  • Have a centralized database available for the entire company.

CRMs allow you to keep all information about potential customers in a central database for an unlimited time. This allows for quick comparison between teams, avoiding wasted time and the ability to easily manage all data via a shared tool.

  • Manage communications and interactions with potential customers.

All information can be managed through the CRM. In this way, business departments can keep track of the customer and prospect journey, including every interaction, email, call and much more.

  • Scale your sales processes over time.

The Customer Relationship Management System also allows you to have a view of all the specific activities related to the sales process. Then, managers can use this data to identify winning models and analyze workflows that can be improved.

  • Guarantee and facilitate communication between teams and company areas.

Communication between all company areas is essential to achieve sales objectives. Thanks to the CRM system, all communications can be easily managed. For example, team members can decide on tasks, such as reassigning specific leads with the click of a button.

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