Find out what are the benefits of BI tools, useful for every type of business.

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Business Intelligence continues to evolve thanks to the adoption by developers of increasingly advanced technologies, from real-time analysis to language processing, to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

In this context, BI has transformed companies, enabling them to acquire information and make quick decisions. Today we are bombarded with all kinds of data and Business Intelligence has become an indispensable tool in the strategic decision-making process.

What are the main 4 benefits of BI that every company should adopt to optimize their business?

Quick decisions thanks to BI

Today, data is produced so quickly and in such large volumes that it is impossible to analyze and use it effectively when using traditional methods. The advantage of Business Intelligence is that it automatically analyzes data from various sources, accurately through an easy-to-manage dashboard. This allows you to make quick and profitable decisions for your business.

Organized data set

Business Intelligence tools make information readily available and accessible to the people who need it to do their jobs. The challenge is that too much information is often obtained and, moreover, it is often incomprehensible in its raw form. BI enables data to be obtained in a usable form, allowing end users to manage insights effectively and without hindrance.

Specific advantages for each sector

The advantages of Business Intelligence can vary greatly depending on the sector and the type of application used by the company. A useful way to think about BI capabilities is to frame your goals as questions that the data can solve. Business Intelligence may be able to provide the answer, or at least the basis for an answer.

The union of BI and AI

Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary they are increasingly complementary. Traditionally, BI refers to dashboards and visualization platforms that make data visible through graphs. The combination of BI and AI can lead to greater automation in areas such as data analysis, requiring less human intervention on more basic activities.

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