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Digital technology innovation is moving fast and you need to keep up with new trends to be more competitive in your industry. 

This is particularly true when you think of cloud computing, a rapidly evolving service paradigm that has never been the protagonist of the evolution of technological change as in the last year.

In fact, by the end of 2021, experts predict that 94% of Internet workload processing will depend almost exclusively on the cloud and that, therefore, many companies will be led to migrate most – if not all – of the daily front-end and back-end operations to the cloud.

What will be the main technological developments of cloud computing, expected for the near future?

Machine Learning and IA integration

As for the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key factors. Cloud-as-a-service platforms allow users, with any skill level, to access many ML features, such as image recognition and language processing tools. The cloud will continue to enable these revolutionary toolsets to be distributed more widely by companies of all sizes and across all industries, thus leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

The rise of distributed cloud

Distributed cloud is the possibility of distributing public cloud services outside the data centers of the providers who, however, retain responsibility for the effectiveness of the global service provided in terms of security, governance and technological updates. This mode allows companies to operate in the cloud while respecting their budget and space needs, but without sacrificing the functionality they want. Definitely an optimal solution for smaller companies with fewer resources.

The domain of the cloud for entertainment

Today’s most popular audio and video streaming services use the cloud to power their platforms. This trend will continue to proliferate in 2021, with the power of the cloud enabling companies to host a scalable audiovisual product catalog within a large storage space. The cloud will allow consumers to enjoy entertainment without excessive buffering and in high definition, and this also applies to cloud gaming.

More collaboration with multi cloud

Major cloud service providers – such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – promote their platforms as one-stop-shops. However, the industry is increasingly turning to hybrid or multi cloud environments, which means there are growing demands from large providers to build bridges between their platforms. Adopting a more collaborative approach is not only beneficial for customers, but also for major providers, who need to share data and access with partners in their supply chain.

Working will be more and more virtual

Virtual Cloud Desktops, virtualized machines accessible remotely with any browser, will establish themselves as the privileged workstation. In this way, it will be possible to have access to all your data and applications from anywhere and to work you will only need a simple internet connection. In this way, production efficiency will increase, thanks to an updated and synchronized technology, and, in addition, there will be advantages in terms of security, as all devices can be managed centrally.

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