According to the Voice of the CISO 2021 report, 63% of Chief information security officers interviewed in Italy believe that their company is unprepared to handle a cyberattack

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The recent Voice of CISO 2021 report, created to analyze the challenges that Chief information security officers (CISOs) will be called upon to face after an unprecedented year, highlights interesting aspects related to the topic of IT security in companies.

The survey, which focused on interviews with 1400 CISOs from various countries including Italy, focuses on some focal points: cyber risks and the types of cyber attacks that CISOs must face every day; the levels of preparation of employees and the company that will be required to deal with them; the impact of supporting a hybrid workforce (remotely and in person), while companies organize the return to the office.

The results of the survey in Italy

The report shows that as many as 64% of the Italian CISOs interviewed feel at risk of attack in the next 12 months. Among the most feared threats: Cloud Account Compromise (37%), DDOS attacks (35%); Business Email Compromise (31%); Supply chain attacks and internal threats (30% and 29%).


Of greatest concern is the level of preparedness of companies in the face of a potential cyber attack. 63% of the CISOs interviewed in Italy – compared to 66% of the total respondents on a global scale – believe that their organization is not prepared to face a targeted cyberattack and the perception of risk is greater than in 2020.


Although the level of user awareness of the role played by their actions in protecting the organization from cyber threats is high, 50% of Italian CISOs believe that human error is still the greatest cyber vulnerability. Among the main risks: insecure passwords, data loss and phishing.


If you think about working remotely, then, the exposure to potential risks increases. For 58% of CISOs, targeted attacks have increased in the past 12 months.

What is the strategy to be adopted in the near future?

Update and inform. For 60% of Italian Chief Information Security Officers, by 2023 companies will be better prepared for a cyber attack. Among the main future strategies remain: the dissemination of greater awareness among employees of the risks associated with cybersecurity (42%); the adoption of tools that allow companies and their data to be protected even in remote work (31%); the consolidation of security solutions and controls.

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