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New classes of technology dominate 2020, following the tech changes of recent years and promising extraordinary future developments.

What are the main trends of the ongoing digital transformation

Now is 5G time

Without a doubt, 2020 is the year of 5G, and not only in the mobile sector. With data rates up to 100 times faster than 4G, the proliferation of fifth generation mobile phone technology will also accelerate advances in smart cities, smart cars, smart manufacturing and even the Internet of Things. Almost every sector of our daily life will be transformed by the high tech evolution guided by 5G.


WiFi 6 is better than WiFi 5

Together with 5G, WiFi 6 will lead to a much faster wireless connection. The two technologies, while different, will work together to create the perfect end-to-end combination of ultra-fast connectivity for the home and office. Not only that: we will achieve download speeds up to three times faster than previous generation WiFi and a higher data rate, available for many devices.


Be competitive, be analytics

Companies that won’t invest in data analysis by the end of 2020 will probably not be in business in 2021. Following your instincts is no longer a viable option, when every other company uses sophisticated analysis tools to identify problems, opportunities and solutions. Every major technological reality has already understood that the future is in the data, in particular in processing data in real time.


AI & Machine Learning: in data we trust

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is now possible to analyze complex data sets in a fraction of the time, compared to two years ago. In this field, AI algorithms have become indispensable and extremely efficient, leading to greater intuitiveness, usability and reliability of data.


To Blockchain and beyond 

2020 could mark the beginning of the true rise of the blockchain. Many global tech leaders are already experimenting with this technology. Amazon Web Services, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, and Alibaba are just some of the better known companies. It’s not all. In addition to payments and cryptocurrencies, real use cases are multiplying: the Blockchain is used in the field of food security and intellectual property, in that of royalties and even in real estate and property management.

The future is getting closer.


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