BeMySuite – Cloud platform for managing approval flows2019-08-28T16:57:07+01:00

What is BeMySuite?

BeMySuite is a Workflow Management platform aimed at managing authorizations related to investment budgets, wages, orders, and risks. It allows a clear view of the budgets allocated and the progress of the expenses.

How does it work

BeMySuite is a modular platform made up of four web applications. Each application shares the same operating logic.


Organize the structure of your company by dividing it by Country, Legal Entity, and Plant. You can perfectly replicate the tree structure of your company.


Start the Data Entry activity to be able to send approval requests. You can also conveniently attach documents.


View requests received, approve, modify, or reject them. Then simply press “Send”.


Analyze data through simple and intuitive reports, and graphs to optimize or find problems. You can monitor budgets, KPIs, and more in seconds.


Monitor all approval flows in a single platform


Monitor all approval flows in a single platform

Technical features


  • Request for budget approval for investments

  • Budget management directly by managers

  • Validations with a simple click

  • Clear view of the budget from the previous year

  • Simple and interactive analysis

Salary review

  • Management of salary increases for staff and managers

  • Performance indicators

  • Inflation trend

  • Easy budget assignment via interactive graphics

  • MBO

  • Automatic sending of notification letters for the salary increase


  • Risk management

  • Management requests for budget approval for refunds or other

  • Balance

  • Risk trend analysis through graphs

  • Extreme speed of approval, rejection or modification by the Headquarters

Agents Audit

  • Order management

  • Documentation loading with Document Library application

  • Audit management

  • Integration of commercial fee payments via SAP


Ours is an international company. Can we use BeMySuite?2019-08-23T16:12:26+01:00

Yes, among the options to organize the tree structure you can set the “cross-country” function.

What approval limit do managers have?2019-08-23T16:12:59+01:00

The limit is configurable. You can, for example, set a limit of 10% of the budget. Beyond that threshold, the Headquarters will have to validate.

What are the Salary Review performance indicators?2019-08-23T16:13:33+01:00

They are evaluations and are of different types. There are indicators that are managed by plant administrators. Others are automatically assigned based on market trends, inflation, and more.

Is BeMySuite usable only for Capex, salaries, risks, and orders?2019-08-23T16:14:05+01:00

Absolutely not. Thanks to the flexibility and programming logic, you can take advantage of BeMySuite to manage contracts, causes, or any other process that requires an approval flow.

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