ThinkOpen began 7 years ago in Garlasco, a city in the Po valley province. We named our company ThinkOpen to reflect our ambition of being successful in the open source area. Despite a local starting point, over the years our perspectives have been opened to the many opportunities the digital scenario has offered to us.

Since the beginning, our Factories have been strengthened by competent people; we’ve been investing in their professional evolution through ongoing hands-on training courses that focus on the professional growth of our talents and are led by qualified experts. We provide more than 20 guest houses to new arrivals that must leave their hometowns to travel to us: free-of-charge accommodations located near to both the Milan and Garlasco Factories. In addition, we contribute to the growth of personal know-how, and the spread of the corporate culture by collaborating with accredited training institutions and promoting certifications with free seminars and workshops that are open to the public.

We help companies and investors to innovate their businesses, offering consultancy services and customized solutions for IT platform management. The experience we have gained over the years in the customer service area allows us to support companies in their technological and business development and in their decision making.

As a technological and business consultancy company, we truly want to leave our mark on the educational system, promoting training courses in the digital area.

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Two countries, one vision

Spain, where our team of experts works hard, managing projects and looking for new customers. Being present in the international market allows us to be competitive in a stimulating environment, testing our competencies and enabling us to explore new business horizons. Our offices are located in the co-working space BCNewt Pere IV, a modern open space by the green soul, hosting events and workshops.